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Can you wear capris with boots? Lots of you have been searching the site for the answer to this particular question lately, so we figured it was time to put it up for debate. CAN you wear capris with boots? Let’s find out…

can you wear capris with boots

Capri pants, NOT worn with boots: Bernie Dexter

The short answer to the question, ‘Can you wear capris with boots?” is that YES, of course you can. If you want to, that is. Technically, you can wear anything you like: as we’re always keen to point out, we’re not actually real, and if it makes you happy to wear a particular outfit, then you should wear it, regardless of what we have to say about it.

That’s the PC answer. As for our HONEST answer, prefaced with the usual disclaimers about taste being subjective, and there being no right or wrong way to wear something…

… no, we don’t think capris look great with boots.

The fact is, capri pants, and other cropped trousers, aren’t designed to be worn with boots. They’re just not. Capris are summer attire, and they’re look best when they’re worn with shoes which leave the ankles bare, emphasising the shape of the trousers. If you try to wear them with boots, it can end up looking very awkward:

Ankle boots or shoe boots will leave a gap of skin between the top of the boot and the bottom of the pants. Not only will this section of skin get pretty chilly in cold weather (If it’s cold enough to wear boots, we’re assuming it’s too cold for sections of bare skin on your legs), it’ll also effectively divide the lower leg into thee sections, which can be unflattering, and make your legs look shorter and stumpier than they really are.

Knee boots, meanwhile, will have to go either over or under the capris. If you wear them OVER your capris, that might look OK, but it would basically defeat the purpose of wearing capris with boots in the first place, because no one will be able to tell that they’re capris: they’ll just look like regular trousers, and if you’re going to LOOK like you’re wearing regular trousers, well, you may as well just WEAR regular trousers, non? (Also, because capris are typically produced as part of summer collections, they’re generally made from lightweight, summer-appropriate fabrics, which will look odd with knee boots, and might also be chilly to wear.) Wearing knee boots UNDER capri pants, meanwhile, is only really possible with wide-leg capris – tapered ones will normally be too tight on the leg for boots to fit under. If you really must wear boots with capris, we reckon this is your best option, but honestly, it’s the best of a bad bunch. Again, boots and capris just aren’t items that go naturally together, and while we’re sure there are people who can make the look work, there’s a big risk of looking like you either couldn’t afford to buy full-length pants, or that you have some un-natural kind of attachment to your capris, which makes you unwilling to consider wearing anything else, even although other options might look better.

This, for us, is the whole crux of the issue. Yes, you CAN wear capris with boots; but when there are so many other things you can wear with boots that would look better, why insist on wearing capris? We’re all for having a signature style, but sometimes sticking rigidly to a particular look, even when that look isn’t appropriate for the weather or situation, can be an easy way to go straight to fashion jail.

In other words: leave the capris for the summer, and wear long pants with your boots in winter: simple.

As always, though, this is just our opinion, and we’re keen to hear yours, too. What do you think:

Can you wear capris with boots?



  • October 18, 2013


    Have you ever seen this atrocitiy called “boot trousers”? They are like über-capris designed especially to be worn with boots.
    this one was sold via a discount store and looks it, too. Essentially “boot trousers” are like loose trousers, cropped somewhere below the knee, to just cover the upper end of your boots, but to let you display your expensive boots in all their glory. I am happy they have gone out of fashion now, but some years ago there was an epidemic of these here, because the combo is comfortable to wear and the fabric can be wool, fooling you into thinking yourself appropriately dressed. Even tall women looked like garden gnomes in these.

    I wear my flat boots with skinny jeans and the heeled ones with skirts and tights, mostly because they are so tight – or my calves so muscular – that I cannot fit the jeans into them. I never liked the look of a pair of looser pants – be they Capris or full length – stuffed into boots and ballooning abve them. Makes me think of Baron von Richthofen after he gained weight.

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  • October 29, 2013

    Pink Princess

    Capris with boots? Any kind of boots?
    Please, no!
    See this one:
    and this one too:
    If you still like what you see go ahead and do it…

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