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Style on Trial: Pink satin tulip dress from Dorothy Perkins

Pink_satin_dressTulip shaped skirts and dresses have been with us for a couple of seasons now, and, for the most part, The Fashion Police have been on board with that. Sure, they create a little bit of extra volume around the hip area, but you know, it can’t be all figure-skimming all the time, and that little bit of extra room.. well, it can be good n’ comfy, no?

This dress, though. Well. Look, we were up late last night. We’re tired. And the coffee clearly hasn’t quite kicked in yet, because when we look at this dress, we’re seeing a… . It looks like a… . No. No, we’re not going to go there. We’re pretty sure it’s just us, anyway, so we’re going to go and pour some more coffee, and in the meantime, we’re going to leave this one with you, oh wise ones. What do you think of this dress? Crime of Fashion? Totally fabulous? Tell us!

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