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Style on Trial: Yves Saint Laurent Muller Tulip-Skirt Dress


There are tulip skirts, and then there are tulip skirts. Lately, what we’ve been seeing in the world of fashion is a whole lot of tulip skirts – skirts so wide you could camp out under them, and invite all your friends. Is this a good thing or a bad thing? We say it all depends on the dress or skirt in question, and on this occasion, the dress in question is Yves Saint Laurent’s ‘Muller’ dress, which will set you back a head-spinning $5,250. No, really.

Price aside, though, we want to know what you think of this dress, and more particularly, that skirt, which seems to be just begging for the question, “Does my butt look big in this?” to be asked about it. So tell us, do you love it, hate it, or feel nothing but indifference towards it?

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