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Style on Trial: The Steve Madden Snookie Shoe

When it comes to the cast of The Jersey Shore, it’s a challenge to make out that blurry line between fashion criminal and fashion victim. Which is why we’re afraid to reveal that this Steve Madden Snookie shoe kind of makes something inside us squeal with delight. It’s oh so glittery and girly and sky high that it just tugs at certain Barbie-fueled tendencies towards all things shiny. It’s obviously meant for a fun night out with your girlfriends (seeing Sex and the City 2 comes to mind) and not any event that could remotely be termed classy.

But we just can’t tell if purposefully trashy items like this should really have any place in our closets, especially at $110. The cheap-looking rainbow glitter might be enough to turn us off this “looks fun from afar” monstrosity, but we really can’t decide. Give us a verdict!

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