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Style on Trial: The Boob-Window Dress, as seen on Taylor Cole

Of late, The Fashion Police have been becoming increasingly concerned about the proliferation of what we call The Boob Window Dress – i.e. dresses which serve no other purpose other than to provide a “window” for the wearer’s breasts, leaving onlookers with the uncomfortable feeling that they’re at some really weird kind of zoo.

This dress, worn by The Event’s Taylor Cole, certainly allows us to get a good look at Taylor’s mammaries in their natural habitat, and we’re sure its presence here will generate at least one comment from a male reader telling us that “if you girls only knew how much we love it when you almost completely bare your breasts in public!” (Yeah, no kidding, we’d never have guessed…), but what do the rest of you think of it?

You’ll find some more images under the jump to help you make up your mind…

(Isn’t she gorgeous?)

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