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Style On Trial: Stella McCartney Cork and Faux-Leather Sandals

So. These are stiletto Birkenstocks, no? Evidence suggests a certain irony in taking the signature look of one of the world’s most popular “comfort shoes,” not known for taking fashion into consideration, and crafting it into a highly-stylized, sky-high heel. Perhaps this is a statement shoe in more ways than one. But irony is so hard to accessorize.

By Stella McCartney, the Cork and Faux-Leather Sandals, $625 are of course vegan and made of natural cork, rubber, and faux leather. The soles are sure to make the shoe as comfortable and practical as 5″ heel can be, with nice traction. (How often can that be said of a designer stiletto!?)

Ladies and gentlemen of the jury – your verdict?

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