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Style on Trial: Sleeves-stuck-to-hem dresses


We’ve shown you the phenomenon of the “sleeves-stuck-to-sides” dress before, and the idea received a pretty mixed reaction from the ladies and gentlemen of the Fashion Police Jury.

Back then, though, we simply assumed that the dress in question was a one-off: that it was working alone, and we’d probably never see its like again.

Now, though, those dresses are everywhere. Well, they are if by “everywhere” you mean “eDressMe“, anyway. They currently have several versions of this style in stock, which makes us wonder if a trend is imminent. And if it is, we want to know what you think of it.

Speaking for ourselves, we kinda like the silhouette these dresses create, but we’re still not convinced we’d enjoy the idea of having our arms attached to our legs at all times. Would you?

(One more of these dresses under the jump, this time from our old friends, Ami Clubwear…)


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