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Style on Trial: Sally Seashell ankle boots by Haus of Price

Shoes! And… shells! OK, so it’s not the most obvious of pairings, we’ll give you that. It’s not like you can’t see a pair of stiletto ankle boots without thinking of crashing waves, golden sand, and lots of little creatures living inside seashells, is it?

Haus of Price, however, have managed to make just that connection, taking a pair of regular looking ankle boots, and then sticking seashells to them, in the manner of a child’s craft project. What do you think of the result, though? Do you find these pleasingly unique – after all, it’s not everyone who’ll have a pair of seashell shoes, now, is it? – or are you wondering how long it would take to pick all of those shells off them again? Tell us!

(Click here, meanwhile, if you just want to buy them)

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