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Style on Trial: Ruffled bloomer shorts by Marc Jacobs

We’d like to congratulate Marc Jacobs for finding a way to re-invent the wheel shorts.

We’d LIKE to … but that would mean ignoring MJ’s (We can call you MJ, can’t we, Marc?) flagrant disregard for the Not Broke/Don’t Fix It rule. Which we totally just made up.

For us, these also fall foul of the idea that there should be no such thing as “bloomers” in the world. “Bloomers” rhymes with “bloopers”. That’s how we’ll probably always think of these. BUT, they say a change is as good as a rest, and we know many of our readers have a lot of time for ruffles, so we’re putting these up On Trial to see what you think of them. Do you welcome this new breed of shorts, or do you prefer your crotch area NOT to look like a ruffled rectangle, as in the image on the right? Tell us! But before you do, one word of warning: if you are going to wear these, please be aware that the rear view leaves little to the imagination:

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