Style on Trial: Reiss Sophiana wrap front jumpsuit with pockets

We all have mornings when we wake up feeling good about ourselves, just as we all have fat days. It is on such mornings that we might think about working a new trend, trying a new, cutting edge look, pulling that jumpsuit out of the wardrobe and giving it a test drive…

We at The Fashion Police sincerely hope that the jumpsuit in questions is not the Sophiana oatmeal wrap front jumpsuit with pockets from Reiss.

When an outfit looks this bad on a smooth plastic dummy with no lumps, bumps or bending-over-rolls, alarm bells should start ringing. We’ll politely skip over the fact that pockets look as if they were designed to draw attention to the thigh area, and the universally unflattering, geriatric shade of oatmeal grey-nude, and jump instead straight to the rear view. Which, again takes us to a geriatric place – a sagging, high-and-elasticated-waisted geriatric place that we would frankly rather put off visiting until our golden years.

The model on the website has styled this with killer cage shoes, shades and a studded bag… and yet all we can see are the sagging knees and seat. But maybe you can see something more? What do you think – could you make this jumpsuit work for you? If so you can buy it from Reiss for a casual £95.


  • May 7, 2010


    Even if I were an octogenarian cowboy looking for some nice thermals, I’d still give this one a slip.

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  • May 11, 2010

    Rock Hyrax

    I wonder how things like this make it to the manufacturing stage.

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