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Style on Trial: Paula Patton in purple at the premiere of Mission Impossible 2

Paula Patton in a purple dress at the premiere of Mission Impossible 2

The Fashion Police have a rule about animal print. Actually, we have a few rules about animal print, but there’s only one we need concern ourselves with here, and it’s this one:

If it’s a colour that isn’t found on the animal, it’s probably a crime of fashion. 

Now, as far as we’re aware, there are no purple cheetahs or leopards (although there totally should be), so that would mean that Paula Patton’s Mission Impossible 2 dress is in contravention of the rule, and therefore a Fashion Crime.

All rules were made to be broken, though, (Well, other than ones that are actually the LAW, obviously: stay legal, kids!), and we’re in a good mood today, so we’re going to put this dress up On Trial and let you decide whether it’s innocent or guilty as charged.

What do you think?

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