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Style on Trial: Noomi Rapace mixes spots and stripes at the premiere of Sherlock Holmes

Noomi Rapace mixes polka dots and stripes at the Sherlock Holmes premiere

If you read fashion blogs at all, you’ll know that it’s all about the pattern-mixing these days. Pattern-mixing is edgy and unexpected and doesn’t look at all like you just threw on any old thing and called it FASHUN. Or that’s the theory, anyway. We’re not huge fans of it, but that’s because we’re fat and old, and don’t understand fashion, obviously.

That said, if patterns must be mixed, we think spots and stripes are one of the easiest combinations, and also one of the ones least likely to make you look like you did a Supermarket Sweep through the local Goodwill, and just threw on every thing you could find.

Here’s Swedish actress Noomi Rapace putting that theory to the test at the Sherlock Holmes premiere earlier this month. Her dress combines a polka dot bodice with a stripey skirt, and we need to know what you think of it. We think that either of these patterns on their own might have been a bit much, but are they any better together? Tell us…

Innocent or Guilty? 

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