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Style on Trial: Narciso Rodriguez Charmeuse silk striped skirt


  Ooh-er! This skirt gave us quite a turn when first we laid eyes on it, over at Net-a-Porter: in fact, we had our citation pads out and we were all ready to swoop in and make an arrest, when it hit us: this skirt is not what it appears to be. You see, at first glance we’d assumed it was fashioned entirely out of thin strips of fabric, so your body underneath those strips would be left completely exposed. And, well, you know what some of those celebrities are like: if a skirt like that were available, we just know some of them would jump at the chance of wearing it,and NOT ON OUR WATCH is all we can say.

Then we looked again and saw that, actually, it’s not nearly as bad as we thought, because the skirt isn’t made of nothing but thin strips of fabric – it just LOOKS like it is, thanks to that white background. Whew!

We’ve stood down our guard on this item for the time being, but we’re still not totally convinced it should walk free. Sure, a skirt that makes you LOOK like you could be wearing a network of flimsy fabric is better than one which actually IS just a network of flimsy fabric, but is it something you’d want to wear, or is it a crime of fashion? You tell us…

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