Not what i pictured at all from the description as …

Comment on Style on Trial: Mary Katrantzou silk roll-neck dress by naomi.

not what i pictured at all from the description as a silk roll-neck dress….maybe the silk eau de 36-26-36 toilette would have been more accurate lol…although the cut of the top there might make it the 46-26-36 toilette dress…would love to see it on someone

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Adult Onesies: the horror continues
these are terrible
don’t fear…you are not alone
i don’t even think they would be good halloween costumes…unless you were 3

Style on Trial: Haute wide leg trousers
a nice flared trouser can look great but the ones above are just a bit much

Wear or Die: cropped harem pants edition
i will stand alone in the sea of hammer culottes and chose the grey ones
i think they’d be easier to fake into a skirt and they’d be ok with a simple black shirt…hate the cray cray shoes they styled em with…for both outfits actually lol

Legs like tree trunks: Roberto Cavalli’s Palm Print silk pants
oooo mrs roper’s safari outfit lol

Totally inexplicable shorts by Comme des Garcons
i think you could wear them when you need to compete in the first annual fashion police inmates ultimate fighting challenge…they kinda look like “couture boxing shorts” to me

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