Style on Trial: Marc Jacobs metallic plaid wrap shorts

The Fashion Police sit pretty firmly on the fence when it comes to plaid shorts. But when you throw a wrap-front into the mix we tend to fall, Humpty Dumpty style, off said fence – at least in part thanks to the sheer effrontery (ahem*) of the look.

It’s not that the resurgence of this particular shape comes as such a shock, what with the abundance of stuck-together clothing we’ve been seeing of late, and the popularity afforded the sports look (wrap shorts do, after all, have a strong link to the tennis courts)…

It’s more that, well, we’re afraid that if this style continues to go unchecked (ahem*) we might start seeing those dreadful trousers-come-skirts last seen on the Spice Girls circa 1998 making a come back. And no-one wants to see that happen!

Still, if you happen to like these particular shorts (and they are cut in a very pretty fabric after all) you can purchase them from The Outnet reduced from £940 to £282.

(*All puns intended.)


  • May 24, 2010


    AAAHHHH! Straight to jail! Throw away the key!

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