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Style on Trial: Jonathan Saunders spark studded T-shirt dress

We’re a little bit confused by the nature of this dress. On the one hand, t-shirt dresses are effortless to wear, look great over leggings, are cool in the summer – laden with plus points. On the other, there’s something about this particular offering that looks like the kind of thing old ladies might wear on their summer vacation, perhaps with a visor, in an attempt to look youthful.  Hence the confusion.

But we think the real kicker might be the pattern. Graphic shapes have been steadily growing in popularity lately. But this one, well, it’s just a little odd. Maybe it’s the colours. Maybe it’s the quadrilaterals.

Ok, we’ll stop skirting the issue. We can’t be the only ones who look at this particular shape and see a cubist interpretation of a squat warrior woman?

(Look again – she’s wearing studded armour, a Xena flapped skirt, knee high boots and has a pair of thighs that could crack walnuts. She’s just missing a head, an oversight which, conveniently enough, you would correct simply by wearing this top!)

If the good outweighs the bad for you (or if you think The Fashion Police have been checking out far too many Picasso paintings of late!) you can pick up the Jonathan Saunders spark studded T-shirt dress from Net-a-Porter for £805.

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