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Style on Trial: Jil Sander sheer boyfriend blazer

Sleeves continue to be treated with distrust by much of the fashion community, who just won’t rest until they’ve either cut them off entirely, ripped holes in them, or slashed them half to death. Jil Sander, however, has arrived at an uneasy compromise with the humble sleeve: they’re very much present on this boyfriend blazer, but you wouldn’t necessarily know that unless you were looking carefully, because they’re sheer. (Other than the seams, for some reason.)

What do you think of this idea, readers? Are you ready to make peace with sleeves, and allow them to exist as long as they’re barely seen? Or do you think this would be about as much use as a turtleneck sweater in Lady Gaga’s dressing room? Tell us!

[Buy it here for £1,085]
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