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Style on trial: Givenchy Tribal Print Leggings

Something about the name Givenchy still rings with a degree of class. It evokes that elegant chic for which the French are so famous, that effortless simplicity of style you’d expect to see on a graceful older woman traversing Parisienne streets…

Where did it all go wrong?

We don’t know why exactly, but something about these leggings screams “pedestrian crossing” at us… while another aspect sends us reeling into the nostalgia of Magic Eye pictures (scroll the screen up and down a bit and you’ll soon see where we’re coming from on that one!). Wear them out in public and we can guarantee you’ll get plenty of attention – though we can’t guarantee you won’t be tackled to the ground and used as an emergency pavement by very small people…

What do you think? Could you make these work without sending the general public cross-eyed? If so they’re available from for a mere €498,00.

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