Style on Trial: Giuseppe Zanotti heel-less platforms

Giuseppe Zanotti heel-less platforms

Oh, that Lady Gaga. She has a lot to answer for, doesn’t she?

As for this particular “something”, well, Gaga probably isn’t solely to blame for this one. Heel-less shoes, of course, have been around for much longer than the teacup-toting one has, and we’re sure the fact that Gaga has made heel-less walking one of her many talents is only partly responsible for the small, but growing, number of shoe designers who wake up one morning and think, “The heel! Take it off! Take it all off!”

The latest suspect to come up with this bright idea is Giuseppe Zanotti, and his creations are shown above. Now, let us be clear about this: we LOVE these shoes. To look at, that is. And OK, sure, they look a little bit like some kind of strange electrical appliance from space. (We know that’s a weird comparison, but we can’t help it: they remind us of one of those egg whisks, or hand blenders, or whatever – can you tell we’re not cooks? – that stand up by themselves.) But still, they’re pretty amazing, and prettier, somehow, than many of the other heel-less wonders we’ve come across on our beat.

But still. The lack of a heel is something that it takes a little while for the eye and mind to adjust to. For us, it’s just not happening. Our eyes keep on searching for the heel that isn’t there, our minds keep on telling us there’s something missing, and no matter how patiently we explain that, “Yes, mind, but it’s supposed to look like that. It’s art. You must not understand fashion!” it will still keep searching, and insisting that there’s something not quite right here. Apart from the fact that they’re $895, we mean.

What about you? Do you love heel-less shoes? Do you love these ones? Well, what are you waiting for? Click here to buy them!


  • December 22, 2011


    These reek of the promise of a twisted ankle.

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  • December 25, 2011


    They look like a very interesting thing to wear to some Christmas party in order to strike up a conversation about the fact that your shoes are “unique”… but you better talk while sitting, because I don’t know if they would be the best to walk in.

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  • January 5, 2012


    Those are hot! Its the ankle twisting Id worry about. So oo..Fashionable, yes. Practical, no.

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