Style on trial: Christopher Kane Freja embroidered dress

The Fashion Police’s opinion on sheer clothing is well-documented. Shresses, sheggings, shants – you name them, we’ve put them on trial. This dress may not really fall into the shress category, having all the really vital body parts essentially covered, but it is still distinctly suspect.

The Fashion Police feel that this particular number is best suited to its rightful place under the lime lights; whether on an ice rink or ballroom floor is open to interpretation. Because, however graceful and talented, neither figure skaters nor ballroom dancers are particularly highly-praised for their sartorial choices. “Costume” is never a good look down the pub on a Friday night…

Neither is it a good look for a wedding guest, as this week’s Net-a-Porter newsletter would have us believe. The sartorial sin of out-costuming the bride aside, we’re pretty sure that much thigh is inappropriate congregation-wear.

But what do you think? Can you see a different side to this dress? If so you can buy it at Net-a-Porter for £3,090.

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  • April 29, 2010

    Rock Hyrax

    That flesh colour is horrible – as if you altered a dress using your granny’s old tights.

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