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Style on Trial: Boots pretending to be (sequined) socks, by Viktor & Rolf


We're all familiar with the crime of fashion that is Boots-Pretending-to-be-Socks, but what if the socks in question are encrusted with sequins, like these Viktor & Rolf numbers? What then, readers? Is it still a crime of fashion, or does the presence of so many shiny sequins serve to distract you from the fact that your socks are still stuck to your shoes.

We THINK we know what the answer to this question will be, but then again, you've surprised us before, so we put it to you know: what do you think of these sequin sock/shoe combos by Viktor & Rolf? Would you convict or acquit them of crimes of fashion?

(If you want to acquit them, you can buy them at Colette, where they're $655.)

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