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Style on Trial: Bebaroque Perla Ornate Bow Tights

We’re all for interesting and unusual hosiery (in fact, sometimes it’s the only thing that makes dull winter fashion bearable), and there’s no doubt that Bebaroque pretty much rule that particular field.

We’re just not sure, however, that we’d want our tights to have actual OBJECTS attached to them. Objects like the pearl bows on these otherwise plain black opaque tights, say. How would you wash them, for instance? (The tights, we mean, not the bows. We’re pretty sure the bows would look after themselves.) Are the bows removable? Wouldn’t they feel a bit odd, if you happened to brush your ankles together? Is ANY pair of tights worth paying £80 for? Or do you like the look of them so much that all of these questions become irrelevant?

If that’s the case, click here and have your £80 ready. In the meantime, we’ll just keep our £80, spend it on shoes, instead. What do you think of these, though?

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