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Style on Trial: Asymmetric skirts at Zara

Zara asymmetric skirts

Asymmetry in fashion has been around for as long as… well, for as long as symmetry has, basically. For the past year or so, however, we’ve been seeing a whole lot more of it than usual, and the epicentre of the asymmetric universe can be found at Zara, where it’s currently difficult to find a skirt that DOESN’T have one side longer than the other.

What do you think of these wonky-hemmed wonders, Fashion Police jurors? Zara have created a whole collection of them for you, as you can see from the gallery below, and if you like the asymmetric look, you’ll have plenty to choose for. Some of the skirts have the longer section at the front, for instance, while others have it at the side. Some are pleated, some are plain. Some are green, some are black. This much is evident from a quick glance at the photos. What we need YOU to do, however, is to take this a step further and categorise these as either “ugly” or “not “ugly”, “guilty” or “innocent”.

What do you think of the asymmetric look?

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