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Style On Trial: ASOS Wool Dress with Assymetric Sleeve

ASOS wool dress

We’ve talked before about single-sleeved dresses, and whether or not they constitute a crime of fashion, and the consensus generally seems to be “Well, not really, but they’re worth the watching.”  In those cases, though, the dresses in question tend to be the standard one-long-sleeve-one-missing-sleeve affair, like this one:

dress with one sleeveThe ASOS dress at the top of this post, however, is different. Unwilling to commit fully to the one-sleeved look, it’s chosen to be half-hearted about it, going for one short sleeve, and one three-quarter length sleeve. The effect is a strangely unfinished, lopsided kind of look, which makes us weep for the simple, stylish dress this could have been – and probably WANTED to be – had the designer not decided at the last minute to make it “edgy”. Too many good clothes have been lost to the scourge of “edginess”, readers. It makes The Fashion Police weep.

That’s how WE feel about this dress, then, but luckily for it, we’re not the jurors here: YOU are. We simply report the suspect and let you decide whether it’s guilty or innocent – which is exactly what we’re about to do.

So, which is it? Guilty or innocent?

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