Style On Trial, Trousers/Pants

Style on Trial: Alexis Mabille bi-coloured trouser suit

Some days it’s just so darned hard to decide. Will you wear black, or will you wear pink? Will you be a daring, fashion maverick, a charmingly eccentric style leader… or will you just wear your old black trouser suit, like everyone else at the office?

Thanks to Alexis Mabille, you no longer have to make that decision. You can do both. Black AND pink. Leader AND follower. Fashion criminal and… well, fashion criminal. NO COMPROMISE, readers! People approaching you from the left will think you’re wearing a standard black suit. People approaching you from the right will think you’re in shocking, Pepto-Bismol pink. People approaching you from the front, or from behind, meanwhile… they’ll just think they probably shouldn’t have had that fifth martini last night.

What do YOU think, though, readers? Are you in love with this two-sided creation, or are you just thinking that at least now we know what to wear with those Marc Jacobs jester boots we showed you last week? Tell us!

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