Style Lessons We Learned from Dita Von Teese

Style lessons we learned from Dita Von Teese

A few weeks ago we brought you some style lessons we learned from Audrey Hepburn, so today we’re turning the spotlight on another of our favourites: here are some style lessons we learned from Dita Von Teese

Red  lipstick isn’t optional

Have you ever seen Dita without bright red lips? We doubt it. Dita knows that red lips can totally transform your look, and will instantly create the impression that you’ve made a serious effort with your appearance – even when you haven’t. They say there’s a red that suits everyone: we’re not sure that’s true, but it would be fun to find out.

Grooming is everything

This is not a woman you’ll ever see with chipped nail polish or messy hair. Impeccable grooming can seem impossible to maintain when you have a busy life (and when you DON’T have a team of makeup artists and hair stylists on hand), but paying attention to detail can make the difference between looking fantastic and just looking OK. NOT paying attention to detail, meanwhile, is an easy way to ruin an otherwise great look, so if you can spare the extra time, it’ll be worth it.

Heels with everything

OK, so this is one lesson we’re sure you won’t want to hear, but we couldn’t ignore the fact that Dita Von Teese is rarely spotted without her stilettos! With that said, not everyone can wear heels, or even WANTS to, so if you’re in the anti-heels brigade, the lesson we’d take from this one is that shoes can make or break your outfit. They don’t necessarily have to be high shoes, just make sure they’re the RIGHT shoes for your outfit – and also that they’re in perfect shape, too. The cobbler is your best friend in this respect, and a little bit of polish goes a long way!

You don’t have to fake tan

One of the things that makes Dita Von Teese stand out from so many other celebrities is her refusal to hit the bottle – the fake tan bottle, that is. Instead, Dita embraces and even plays up her pale skin, refusing to change it to suit other’s people’s sense of aesthetics. Whatever your skin colour, remember that you don’t have to change it for anyone: your skin looks exactly the way it’s supposed to, and while there’s nothing wrong with using fake tan if you want to, you should never feel pressured to change your skin colour – it’s perfect the way it is.

Or follow fashion

This is a lesson we also learned from Audrey Hepburn, but one thing a lot of stylish women have in common is their refusal to follow fashion. Instead, they stick to the clothes they know suit them best – even if that means wearing something totally outwith the “norm”, or sticking to the same kind of styles over and over again. Fashion can be fun, and it’s fine to experiment – but if you know what you like, you don’t have to change it just to keep up with trends!


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