Style Challenge: What to Wear with animal print?


Damn, we’re cruel, aren’t we?

For the last couple of style challenges, we’ve left it more or less up to you what to choose for your outfits, but this week we thought we’d get back to styling a specific item. We picked this Topshop body because although animal print is very much “in fashion” at the moment, we know that an awful lot of you… well, hate it. It’s not the easiest thing to style either, but today we ask you to cast all of your fears aside and imagine that you HAVE to wear this item. There is no choice. What you wear it with, however, is totally up to you, so we’re looking forward to seeing what you come up with!

You’ll find the rules of the game under the jump – please take a look at them before playing!


The Rules:

1. Log-in to Polyvore (you may need to create an account first, if you don’t already have one)

2. Create your outfit, save it and then…

3. You’ll find the top here. Build your outfit around it, and then post a link to your completed outfit in the comments on this post. We’ll publish them all next week sometime, and you can vote for your favourite.

4. Please note: you’re free to post links to as many outfits as you like, but please be aware that we’ll only post one entry per person. You can let us know which one you’d like us to use if you wish – if you don’t specify one, we’ll just choose the first one posted.

5. Once you’ve posted your link, please double check it to make sure it’s working properly – we get a lot of people posting links to the Polyvore home page, so we don’t get to see your outfit!

6. Comments on this entry will close on Monday, at around midday GMT. Once the comments are closed, we won’t be able to accept any further entries, so make sure you get yours in early!


  • November 3, 2009

    jasmine rose

    It would be nice to wear this top with nice pair of jeans and a nice half top jean jacket as well a nice pair of solid black shoes or you can also wear this top with solid black jeans and nice brown solid shoes or casual beige pants and some nice pumps shoes color brown neutral the bad should be neutral as well..if you daring you may even wear purple pants with black shoes so it all depends on your style and how you will feel… i have a nice pair of leopard jeans black and white and i wear a top that has a beautiful lady face drawn on it also black it looked very punkish.. so it all depend if you want it too look casual , sophisticate, or punkish, or even grunge…

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  • December 11, 2009

    patricia marianne

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