Stuck Together Clothes Crimes: Tube dress meets denim skirt

Tube dress meets denim skirt

Can’t decide whether to wear your tube dress or your denim mini skirt?

Don’t be silly, people: you don’t HAVE to decide! Well, not as long as designers persist with the terrible habit of sticking random items of clothing together, anyway. We’re not totally sure what the purpose of this one was supposed to be, but we’re thinking she looks like she’s wearing a very long top underneath her very long skirt. Which is…one kind of look, certainly. Is it your kind of look, though? Click here to buy it if you answered yes…


  • June 7, 2012


    Truly horrible! It creates rolls around on the model’s body, image how it would look on a normal human! The waist of the “skirt” sticks out like it is about to fall off. Just wretched.

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  • June 8, 2012

    Carolina W

    I don’t like skirts or dresses to begin with, and this just makes me happier to avoid them both at all costs.

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  • June 10, 2012


    it doesn’t make any sense! At least with some stuck together clothes you can see here they’re coming from with it.
    People do wear socks with shoes and they do tuck their shirt into their pants.
    Who the h*ll ever wears a shirt longer than the miniskirt it’s paired with?

    also it looks cheap an ill fitting as hell, too.

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