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Stuck-Together-Clothes Crimes: Phillip Lim Sweatshirt Skirt with Waist Tie

phillp lim skirt

Sometimes, tying a sweater around your waist – or hips, even – can look cute, in a casual kinda way. And it can be practical, too, because it’s a completely hands-free way to carry a spare sweater for when it gets cold – yay!

It’s not QUITE as practical when the sweater is actually ATTACHED to the skirt, though, as in this Phillip Lim creation, is it? Not in the least bit practical, actually. You’re not going to be wearing that sweater, sister, no matter how cold the weather gets. Not unless you’re prepared to remove your skirt in the process, anyway.

The sweater, then, has completely failed to fulfil its purpose in life: being a sweater. It therefore goes straight to Fashion Police jail. And the skirt will have to go with it: you know, on account of them being literally “joined at the hip”…

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