Stuck-Together-Clothes-Crimes: Juicy Couture wide leg terry jumpsuit

That Madonna has a lot to answer for.  We never saw terry towelling sportswear worn outside the gym until Madonna started to be seen in Juicy Couture.   And now that same brand have decided it is acceptable to sell jumpsuits in that awful fabric.  Terry towelling camisole stuck to terry towelling jogging pants (complete with flattering drawstring) anyone? say ‘Luxe off-duty looks don’t get much more glamorous than this!’  We say ‘stuck-together crime of fashion’.

But what do you think?  Is this the ultimate in luxury loungewear, or is it indeed a crime of fashion?  If you want to buy this (and you have £157 to spare), you can do so here.


  • August 1, 2010


    I like this. I like terry cloth clothes. I like jumpsuits. I don’t think I would wear this because I am not tall and thin, but I think this is cute, no matter how many laws it violates.

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  • August 3, 2010

    Rock Hyrax

    Crime. At least being stuck together means the top and bottom can’t be used separately to create further unpleasant outfits…

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