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Stuck Together Clothes Crimes: John Rocha’s scarf-shirt

Scarf, meet shirt. Shirt, meet scarf. Readers, draw a huge sigh of relief, because surely, SURELY, we would never have been able to put together this cunning pairing ourselves, without the help of John Rocha?

Sadly, now that the pairing has been made, it can never be UN-made. That scarf and that shirt are together for life now, and what John Rocha has joined together, no man (or woman) shall put asunder. Well, not without some scissors and a bit of patience, and honestly, if you’re willing to invest that much time picking apart a scarf that’s been attached to a t-shirt, we’re sure you could stretch to just throwing a SEPPARATE scarf and t-shirt together in the first place.

If you couldn’t, however, Rochas has handily done it for you, and the combo is currently on sale at Debenhams for £21.25…

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