Crimes of Fashion

Stuck-Together-Clothes Crimes: Carla striped playsuit with corsage from

What does everyone think of playsuits?

They’ve been around for a couple of summers now and it looks as though they’re set to stay, as a sort of summer alternative to the jumpsuit.  That doesn’t necessarily make us a fan of them though and while this one looks cute, it also looks a lot like a pair of shorts and a stripey top, which surely begs the question: why bother sticking them together as a playsuit?  Do Boohoo not think that their customers are capable of pairing a striped vest with a pair of black shorts?   The corsage is at least detachable so it gives you the option of wearing it with or without that part.

What do you think though?  Do you like your shorts to come attached to your tops, the decision of what to wear having been made for you?  If so, you can buy this item here for £25.

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