Strange Skirts at Shopbop

Strange skirts at Shopbop.

Now try saying that fifteen times, fast. Then come and take a look at these skirts, which are pretty far from the usual run of pencil skirts, midis and A-lines…

lightbulb skirt

Karla Spetic ‘Hid Hand’ skirt, $525

It must’ve been a real lightbulb moment when Karla Spetic came up with this design, huh? (Sorry, couldn’t resist…)

moschino denim skirt

Moschino denim skirt, $550

If you think this one looks strange enough from the front, you might want to also take a look at the back view.  You might also want to consider never bending down in it – or if you do, make sure you’re wearing your best undies.

fringe skirt

Jacquemus fringe skirt, $336

When we read the words “fringe skirt”, this really wasn’t what we were expecting, somehow. Once again, we find ourselves reminded of one of those posters people put up when they’re advertising for a new room mate or whatever – you know the ones with the tabs at the bottom so you can tear off the person’s number? It’s actually quite surprising how many items of clothing we come across that remind us of those posters…

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