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Strange Fruit: Irregular Choice’s Dan Sullivan collection

Irregular Choice's bouquet heels by Dan Sullivan collection

Irregular Choice's Shoes with tassels by Dan Sullivan collection

Irregular Choice's Red platforms shoes with hanging grapes by Dan Sullivan collection

There are shoes hiding under the fruit and flowers in these photos, we promise: would you want to wear them, though, that’s the question?

These are just a small sampling of some of the styles available from Irregular Choice’s Dan Sullivan collection. As many of you will know, Mr Sullivan is the founder and creative force behind Irregular Choice, so the fact that this collection is a little bit “out there” (to put it mildly) is no less than we’d expect from the brand which has brought us some of the strangest footwear ever to grace The Fashion Police’s jail cells. Don’t worry, though: not ALL of the shoes are covered in flora n’ fruit. There’s also this:

Dan Sullivan Visionary Viper

The Visionary Viper boot, complete with clear pouch containing a doll, a teddy bear and enough other small toys to keep your inner five-year-old more than happy.

Do these make YOU happy, though? If they do, you can buy them all here: don’t click the link until you’ve told us what you think of them, though!

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