Sock Horror!

Stink-free socks: can be worn for weeks on end apparently

Smelly-Socks-Plain-700A company called Copalife has just launched a new range of “stink-free socks”.

“Well, that’s nice,” we thought. “They’ll probably be handy for the gym and stuff.” Then we read the rest of the press release:

“Copalife plans to make smelly socks a thing of the past by offering socks that can be worn for weeks on end without any smell,”  it says.

Wait… WHY? Why would you even want to wear the same pair of socks for weeks on end? Assuming you’re not, oh, we don’t know, stuck up a mountain, say, or otherwise unable to change you clothes? Some people do, though, apparently, because the Copalife press release continues:

“People have been wearing the same socks for over two weeks and the socks still do not smell. By wearing the socks people have also seen an improvement in Athletes Foot. This is because the Copalife technology is stopping the fungus and bacteria that cause feet to smell and fungus to grow”

Well. That’s great that they don’t smell. It really is. And obviously we’re happy for those people that have seen an improvement in their athlete’s foot problems. And yet, we still can’t understand why they would want to wear the same socks for two weeks without changing? Anyone care to shed some light on this? There’s more information, plus the opportunity to but the stink-free socks for yourselves, at the Copalife website.

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