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Shoe Style on Trial: Steve Madden’s peep toe ‘Midory’ booties


We’ve spoken out before about the contradiction-in-climate-control that is the peep toe boot. ‘Fickle’ is our middle name, though, and as time has gone on, we have to admit we’ve occasionally found ourselves wondering if we may have been mistaken. Sure, some peep toe boots are, indeed, abominations, but others… maybe not so much?

Take a look at Steve Madden’s ‘Midory” boots, for instance, which are available in many more colours than we’ve shown here. We feel like we shouldn’t really like these, but for some reason, we’re still drawn to them, despite the fact that we know we’d take two steps out of Fashion Police HQ in them, and then be forced to suffer the pain of wet, frozen toes all day long. Yes, even if we wore tights with them.

See, now we don’t like them again. You see what we mean about “fickle”?

Help us out, here, readers. What do you say: Crime of Fashion or not?

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