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Fashion Police Fraud Squad: Steve Madden is “inspired” by Dior’s Extreme Gladiator Sandals, as seen in the Sex and the City movie

Steve_madden_diorSteve Madden has been “inspired” again, folks. That seems to happen fairly often, doesn’t it? The man must be just be one big burning ball of creativity. This time he’s been “inspired” by Dior’s extreme gladiator sandals, as seen on Carrie Bradshaw in the Sex and the City movie. These are being touted as the “It” shoe of the moment, and are sold out everywhere, which will give fans of the style quite the dilemma: the Steve Madden versions (called ‘Madalynn’) are available for pre-order now, and cost just $109.75 to Dior’s $770, but could you live with the knowledge that your hard-earned cash was being used to support Steve Madden, who waved goodbye to all pretense at originality and creativity quite some time ago, and has been churning out cheap versions of other people’s work ever since? Or does the fact that you can’t buy the originals anyway make you think, “well, why not?”

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