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Style on Trial: Stella McCartney’s faux sheepskin platform boots

Stella_mccartneywedge_bootStella McCartney has been doing some amazing things with wedge heels this season. Are these one of those amazing things, though? We’re going to let you be the judge of that. What we’ll tell you, though (and we’re in no way trying to influence your decision here), is that this is the kind of thing people are probably talking about when they say they’d never wear Uggs, on account of there being lots of equally warm and comfortable options out there that don’t make you look like Bigfoot. In other words, they’re high heeled, wedge Uggs. Vegetarian ones, obviously – that’s not real sheepskin, but it’ll hopefully still be warm. Oh, and they’re £845 at Net-a-Porter

What do you think of them, readers? Love? Hate? Indifferent? Tell!

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