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Start Style Wars: Kate Hudson and Anne Hathaway – round 2!


Ding ding!

It’s round two of the ongoing Star Style War between Kate Hudson and Anne Hathaway, as the two continue with their promotional work for Bride Wars. Anne won round 1, but now the show has moved on to Berlin, where we’re pitting the stars against each other once more, and…

Actually, wait. This isn’t a fair fight, is it? In fact, we’re thinking we should just call this one off, because clearly no one told Anne Hathaway what was happening, and she turned up in an outfit that, while not actively ugly, isn’t really suitable for a Style War, is it? Or, indeed, a movie premiere. She is an unarmed woman, so to speak, so we think Kate would win this one by default, even if she hadn’t turned up looking this good.

Or would she? Maybe you like Anne’s pared-down, "I’m not even going to try" look? Do you?

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