Spring Fashion: 10 Mini Dresses From Urban Outfitters

Spring is finally here! We were afraid it would never arrive but alas, it has. Now that Spring is here, it’s time to throw the coats back in the closet and bust out the flirty Spring dresses! There’s nothing cuter in the Springtime than a mini dress, and we managed to find some really great ones at one of our favorite stores: Urban Outfitters. There’s checkers, gingham, stripes and solids…something for everyone! Check out ten of the best mini dresses from Urban Outfitters right here:

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1. Linen Halter Dress, $59

Mini dresses

We love a halter top; it’s basically universally flattering. This halter top mini dress is so cute and comes in the perfect Spring color: lavender!

Available In: Lavender, Black, or Blue Multi

2. Tiered Babydoll Dress, $49

mini dresses

You need a floral mini dress in your collection and this one is perfect! Pair it with a white t-shirt underneath to make it even cuter.

Available In: Black and White, Rose, or Green Multi

3. Plunging Linen Mini Dress, $54

mini dresses

This linen dress is super soft and super simple. It would be so comfortable to wear on a warm Spring day!

Available In: Yellow, Pink, Green Multi or Black and White

4. Button-Down Strappy Back Linen Dress, $59

mini dresses

This button-down dress is adorable and would look great at a Spring picnic!

Available In: Brown, Black or Red Stripes

5. Embroidered Smock Dress, $69

mini dresses

We could imagine wearing this ivory embroidered smock dress for a casual sunset walk on the beach.

Available In: Ivory

6. Off-the-Shoulder Mini Dress, $49

mini dress

This black off-the-shoulder mini dress is chic and sexy. It’s one of our absolute favorite mini dresses!

Available In: Black

7. Checkered Mini Slip Dress, $54

mini dresses

We’re obsessed with the mustard yellow color of this checkered mini dress. It would look perfect with a black cardigan over it.

Available In: Yellow

8. Striped Button-Down Polo Dress, $49

mini dress

This striped polo dress is one of the more unique mini dresses at Urban Outfitters. We love it!

Available In: Blue Multi

9. Gingham Cut-Out Dress, $59

mini dress

Gingham screams Spring, especially when it’s baby pink gingham. This dress is cute and innocent, but also has those little cut-outs that take it to the next level.

Available In: Pink and White or Black and White

10. Denim Mini Dress, $69

mini dresses

You can’t go wrong with denim (okay, maybe you can…cough*2001 Britney and Justin*cough). This denim dress is simple and comfortable and we’ll be wearing it all season!

Available In: Blue Denim


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