Spotted! Sharon Stone dresses as a sexy gangster for 8th Annual Elton John AIDS Foundation gala

Sharon Stone

Sharon Stone

We’re really glad you’re able to laugh at this, Sharon Stone. We’d be mortified if we misread the invitation as “gangster fancy dress” and turned up in a bizarre “half-dress”, but it’s good that you can see the funny side. It’s less good that you couldn’t decide whether to wear a long dress or a short one, of course, but you certainly seem to have found yourself a compromise with this. Er, good for you!

On the other hand, it’s been a long time since The Fashion Police had an authentic looking “baddy” to fight – maybe Sharon here is simply stepping up to the plate?


  • November 19, 2009


    i love her facial expressions in these shots…it’s like she’s thinking “I”M SHARON MUTHA-EFFIN STONE beyotches…go ahead and mock my mobster/40’s moll shapewear/80’s shress getup…i’m fiddy with the bod of a slammin’ 25 year old so i’m bringin’ the crazypants wherevah i go because i’m cool like that”…well in my mind that’s what she’s thinking…that or she’s practicing for her inevitable upcoming “senior” moments lol

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    • December 2, 2009


      ow how is it possible we had that same thought? 😉

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  • November 20, 2009


    vampire bride meets gangster??
    what a strange getup lol.

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