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Spot the Difference: Colourblocked shoes by Jessica Simpson and ASOS

Can you spot the difference between these two shoes, readers?

Nope, we can’t either. In fact, a few subtle shade variations (which could easily be explained by differences in photography and lighting) aside, we don’t think there are any. The only difference, then, would seem to be the brand names – ASOS and Jessica Simpson – and the price points: the ASOS shoes are £75 and the Jessica Simpson ones are $78, which works out at around £56.

Looks like someone’s been a bit naughty on the “inspiration” front, then, but who is it? Well, Shoeperwoman wrote about the Jessica Simpson shoes last month, and the ASOS version only appeared on the site last week, so we initially suspected ASOS of being the guilty party. The copy seems SO blatant, though, that it doesn’t really seem like ASOS – in fact, we were so confused by it that we actually contacted them on Twitter to ask if the shoe they have listed as “ASOS Handfull” is actually by Jessica Simpson, and they’ve just neglected to add the brand name to the product description. (We know, it doesn’t seem likely, and they don’t normally stock shoes by JSim, but hey, benefit of the doubt and all that.) We’ve yet to receive a response, but we’ll update if we do.

In the meanwhile, what do you think: is this taking “inspiration” a little too far, or are you so used to this kind of thing now that it doesn’t really bother you?

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