Spooky Style: 10 Halloween-Themed Clothing Items and Accessories From ModCloth

With Halloween right around the corner, it’s time to grab some spooky fashion items! One of our all-time favorite retailers, ModCloth, has a great new collection of Halloween-themed clothing and accessories. Whether it’s bat or black cats, everything spooky is represented! As if that wasn’t enough, the company is offering 20% off any purchase of a Halloween-themed item. There are many things in the collection, but we’ve compiled just ten of our favorite pieces below. Check them out!

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1. Candy Corn Intarsia Sweater, $55

halloween clothing

Some of us love candy corn, while some of us totally detest it. Whether you like the sweet treat or not, I’m sure we can all agree that this sweater is totally adorable!

2. Spirit Board Graphic Sweatshirt, $49

halloween clothing items

Call out to the great spirits of the past with this Ouija board inspired sweatshirt.

3. Style Study A-Line Skirt, $69

halloween clothing

This skirt is one of our favorite Halloween-inspired clothing items. The graveyard image will have everyone absolutely terrified!

4. So Bones About It Tights, $12

halloween modcloth

The skeleton design of these leggings makes them almost like a wearable x-ray, right?

5. Sweet Tooth Candy Corn Socks, $12

halloween accessories

Those dreaded (or beloved) candy corns are back again on these adorable, cozy socks! (Just a reminder: If you’re trying to lose weight or eat healthier, you may want to go easy on the candy corns. They’re basically little sugar bombs!)

6. It’s a Bat Thing Tie-Neck Sweater, $55

halloween shirts

Sure – this may look like a plain black shirt. When you turn it around, it has a bat across the back! Check out the ModCloth website to get a better look!

7. All Caught Up Statement Necklace, $29

halloween jewelry

Don’t wear this necklace around any arachnophobes you may know. We think it’s gorgeous, but they’ll be positively terrified!

8. Vinca Chop to It Earrings, $19

halloween accessories

If you’ve been looking for jewelry that Michael Myers would totally approve of, look no further than these knife-inspired earrings.

9. All Bats Are Off Tights, $12

halloween clothing

If the skeleton leggings aren’t your thing, you’ll probably love these super sleek bat leggings!

10. I Bite Shark Ringer Tee, $25

halloween shirts

Do you love the movie Jaws? Do you also love Dracula movies and vampires in general? Well, it looks like this t-shirt was made specifically for you!

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