Spanx or Slip? When the underpinning costs more than the dress…

“Wow,” we though, flicking through the dresses section over at Bergdorf Goodman. “Would you lookit that! This dress looks EXACTLY like a Spanx slip! And God knows, those aren’t exactly cheap either (although, let’s face it, there are less expensive versions around), but hey, at least they’re not $475!”

This Roland Mouret slip – we beg your pardon, underpinning – is, though. Which makes us wonder: why? What is it about THIS slip that makes it worth almost $500? Is it made of magic? Does it turn you into Heidi Klum? What does it do that Spanx doesn’t? Because surely it can’t just be that it has the name “Roland Mouret” stamped on the label? Please someone: tell us that’s not it?

Serious question, then, because we’ve never had the opportunity to wear a 4475 underpinning, so we know nothing about these things: is a designer slip that much better than a regular one? Is it worth spending that much on one? Anyone?

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