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Sonia Rykeil for DC Comics: The Wonder Woman Dress (and more superhero fashion)

Love Wonder Woman? We do. She’s a superhero who wears control pants and knee boots, after all: what’s not to like?

If you do love WW, then, here’s an easy outfit for your next costume party. Your next costume party that’s only for very rich people, that is, because this little, er, wonder, will set you back $1,127. It’s by Sonia Rykeil, and is part of a collaboration between DC Comics, Collette, and a group of French fashion designers, all of whom took it upon themselves to create clothes worthy of superheroes.

Here’s Balmain’s offering:

Ah, only Balmain would think it was reasonable to charge $334 for a grey t-shirt, just because they added the silhoette of a bat to it. Still, nice work if you can get it, we guess.

Want some more?

Maison Michel’s Wonder Woman headband, just in case you need something to wear with the dress. $240

Joker bow tie by Alex Mabille, $146

Green Lantern gloves by Karl Lagerfeld, $517. Ouch.

Expensive work, being a superhero…

All of these are available at Colette.

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