Some minor fashion infractions

Not all crimes of fashion are big ones: the type that would have the Fashion Police swooping down to arrest you, without the chance of bail. Some are just… well, some are just like this:

longline denim jacket

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It’s hard to imagine how they could have styled this in a way that would’ve made the jacket look any worse, or the model any more miserable, huh? She looks every bit as uncomfortable as she would if someone had stolen all her clothes, and some kind passer-by had lent her his several-sizes-too-large denim jacket to protect her modesty. There may well be a way to make this jacket look a whole lot better – this just isn’t it.

Actually, we suspect this whole “clothes stealing” situation is something we might have to look into, because it seems this poor model has suffered the same fate:

model in half a suit jacket

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In this case, it looks like the kind passer-by offered up a suit jacket, rather than a denim one. The brave model has done her best to make this look work for her, but … well, let’s put it this way: if she lived where we do, she’d spend the entire day having people walk up to her shouting, “OMG, what happened? Do you need me to call someone?” And that would get really old, really fast…

skin-toned leather trousers

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As for these trousers, meanwhile, well, these might not even be a minor infraction, if it wasn’t for the fact that they’re such an exact match for the model’s skin tone that, at first glance, we assumed she was naked from the waist down. On someone else, they might just work, but, well, this is why your chief of police avoids pale pink pants – the “naked” look might work for some, but it would definitely raise a few eyebrows in the environs of Fashion Police HQ!

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