Celebrity Style on Trial: Solange Knowles’ has a run in with the Foot Snatcher

We were going to sympathise with Solange Knowles over this outfit, because it’s not every day that a girl has a run in with the Foot Snatcher, after all, and foot snatching is a serious issue for The Fashion Police.

It’s not really her missing feet we feel we need to investigate, though, is it? It’s her missing top:

No one’s really going to notice the missing feet now, are they? Clever!

With the return of flares and other forms of wide-leg pants to the fashion radar this season, we fear feet snatching is going to be on the increase (tiny bras, we’re not so sure about, but we’ll be sure to keep you posted). What’s your position on the “Look, ma! No feet!” look, though? Is it a crime of fashion?

Guilty or innocent: place your vote in the comment box, jurors!

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