Crimes of Fashion, Sock Horror!

Socks with flip flops – the ultimate summer fashion crime?

Socks_with_flip_flops_2_3 We apologize for the picture above, readers. We realise some of you were probably eating when you read this, and we should probably have issued some kind of warning before springing it on you (Warning! Warning! Clear the area! Socks with flips flops incoming! We repeat: socks with flip flops!), but given that it’s summer time, this is probably nothing that you haven’t seen already.

It is, of course, the “socks with flip flops” fashion crime, and of all the things we’ve seen in our work as Enforcers of Fashion, we believe this to be one of the very worse, because not only does it look bad, it also makes us squirm in our chairs at the discomfort of it all.

Now, we don’t recommend the wearing of socks and flip flops together at any time, but if it absolutely must happen, there are special flip flop socks that already have the “cloven hoof” effect built in, as it were.

Have you spotted the dreaded “socks with flip flops” effect, yet? Does it make you cringe as much as it does us?

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