Sock Horror: Wolford Back Seam Ruffle Tights

Wolford tights with ruffles on calvesIt’s tights season: what better way to celebrate than by making your legs look like they have fins? And lacy fins, at that!

The presence of the fins isn’t the worst thing about this picture, though. Nor is the fact that the model appears to be wearing a fur coat, shorts and a pair of patent workboots. No, the worst thing about this photo, and the main reason this counts as a SOCK HORROR is the fact that these tights? These tights are £129. One. Hundred. And. Twenty. Nine. Pounds. That’s over TWO HUNDRED DOLLARS. For tights. Ugly tights. Ugly, finned tights. And yes, we know they’re OMGWOLFORD, but seriously, this whole “Oh, but Wolford tights are SO worth $200!” crap has to stop. No tights are worth $200. In fact, no tights are even worth $100. Especially not sheer tights, because let’s face it, this is not an investment that will pay you back over a period of many long years. In fact, in the clumsy hands of someone like the Chief of Police, say – or anyone who owns a cat/dog/small child/other being liable to ladder your sheer hosiery – we’d estimate the cost-per-wear of something like this to be around about, ooh, $200.

A quick reminder:

Sheer black tights with ruffle by Wolford

Do these look like something you’d pay $200 for? Click here if you answered “yes”…


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