Sock Horror! VPL thigh high stockings

Thigh_socks "We didn’t know we had to have these until we set eyes on them," says Shopbop.

As for us, well, we still don’t know why we’d have to have these – or, indeed, why anyone would have to have them. And given that whoever writes Shopbop’s product descriptions isn’t here to explain just what makes her/him need these so much, we’re hoping you can explain for them, readers.

Now, in fairness, the knickers don’t actually come with them, and perhaps make the stockings look worse than they actually are, but even when we try to imagine them worn with actual clothes, all we can think is: WHY?

Why would you need thick grey stockings with stirrups and a blue mesh upper? Come to think of it, why would you need stirrups on your stockings AT ALL? Or blue mesh, come to think of it? Finally, and most puzzlingly: why do they cost $99?

Anyone care to enlighten us?

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